IBN-ND Group supplies high-pressure compressors and NGV filling stations manufactured by SENSI (Ukraine). SENSI products have been successfully operating on the territory of Ukraine and CIS countries for a long period of time. There is a wide range of NGV filling station equipment with a large number of inlet pressure. Together with gas treatment systems, it can be installed on local marginal gas wells, wells for the extraction of coalmine methane from coal seams, and oil wells with associated methane.

SENSI NGV Filling Stations

NGV filling stations can be operated in automatic and semi-automatic modes. The automation system controls the station parameters, automatic switching on and off, as well as the automatic shutdown of the station at the exceeding of parameters.

Optionally, it provides remote control over the station operation via GPRS connection, and has the SMS alert system for the Maintenance Department of the company.

To install the station, it is enough to make a connection to its gas and electricity networks.


  • development, production and supply of gas and air compressor equipment for NGV filling stations and compression units for associated petroleum gas (APG) on the basis of opposed piston compressors SENSI 4GM2.5, 2GM2.5, 2GM6 and compressors from the leading global manufacturers: Delta Compresion (Argentina); NP, FG (Italy); LMF (Austria)
  • development, production and supply of process and industrial line control systems, automation and control systems for NGV filling stations and APG compression units, compressor and pumping stations
  • design, georeferencing
  • installation supervision and commissioning
  • warranty and post-warranty service
  • repair of pumping and compressor equipment, delivery of spare parts
  • customer consulting