IBN-ND Group is the exclusive distributor in Mexico of the new Ukrainian helicopter SL-230 "SCOUT".

Helicopter interior and interface were created by the famous Art Studio of Artemiy Lebedev.

«The cabin design of "Scout" is more like an automotive design than a traditional helicopter, which makes the aircraft more user-friendly and attractive for private pilots.

The engine is designed to use standard A-95 gasoline, and allows to refuel at usual gas station. As a result, the flying range of "Scout" is virtually unlimited.» ©

Dimensions and Flight Characteristics
Power plant Lycoming IOX 370/390/379/429 - 210 hp - 235 hp
Seating capacity 3
Full takeoff weight 882 kg
Empty weight 450 kg
Cruising speed 187 km/h
Maximum speed 209 km/h
Autorotation speed 5.6 m/s
Rate of climb 8 m/s
Static highest point excluding ground effect - 2,400 m
including ground effect - 2,990 m
Dynamic highest point 6,190 m
Flying range 600 km
Main rotor diameter 8.16 m
Total length 9.32 m
Tail rotor diameter 1.2 m
Height 2.6 m

Helicóptero de Ucrania