IBN-ND Group supplies equipment for recycle of tires, mechanical rubber goods (MRG), plastics, polyethylene, oil sludge, waste oil, etc. using the low-temperature pyrolysis.

Pyrolysis Plant


The equipment supplied by IBN-ND Group, uses a closed pyrolysis method. The plant is designed for the processing and recycling of rubber and polymer-containing waste, oil sludge, waste oils, etc. In contrast to the open pyrolysis systems, while recycling mechanical rubber goods (MRG) and waste tires, a large volume of liquid fuel results from the closed pyrolysis plant.

Pyrolysis plant has a high environmental performance with the absolute minimum of emissions. The equipment is automated as much as possible, which allows us to narrow the human labor down.

Solutions based on pyrolysis plant
  • Processing and disposal plant for used car tires, waste rubber.
  • Waste processing business for mechanical rubber goods (MRG), plastics, plastic bottles, PET, PE, etc.
  • Waste oil and oil sludge processing plant.

All solutions are equipped with the plants having a capacity of 10, 20, 50, 70 or 100 tons per day according to the feedstock.

Selection of plant capacity depends on the customer needs, as well as the availability of raw materials for the smooth operation of the enterprise.

Use of pyrolysis products
Liquid pyrolysis fuel
It is used as a liquid fuel for boiler units, heating oil substitute. Fractionating makes it possible to obtain the various petroleum products (gasoline, diesel fuel, oil, resin, etc.).
Solid carbonaceous residue
It is used as a solid fuel, and is also used for the preparation of modified liquid fuel, as a sorbent, a substitute of activated carbon, a filler in the manufacture of new low-duty rubber products, a coloring agent for paint, cement and other industries, as well as a filler of bituminous-rubber cement and a disposal of mercurial (lamps, etc.)
Pyrolysis gas
It is fully used to operate the pyrolysis unit.
Scrap metal (Metal cord)
It is composed of refined steel. It is used for the subsequent melting into metal.
Pyrolysis equipment for waste recycling