IBN-ND Group является эксклюзивным дистрибьютором на территории Мексики систем очистки воды, на базе немецких технологий компании AquaCon, и систем опреснения воды, на базе польских передовых технологий компании AquaLife.

Предлагаемые нашей компанией системы прошли успешные испытания в IMTA (Instituto Mexicano de Tecnología del Agua).  

AquaCon filters for household use

When purifying drinking water using AquaCon filters, we do not use chemicals, electrical and physical fields, phase transformations leading to a significant change in water structure, affecting the biochemical processes.


  • Affordable price
  • No energy costs
  • Warranty life of filter is 10 years
  • High-quality purification
  • Low cost of drinking water
  • Production of drinking water for at least 50 liters per hour
  • No additional replaceable cartridges

Easy installation and operation.

Применение КМА для бытовых нужд
  1. cold water;
  2. AquaCon filter;
  3. plastic tube to connect a filter to a filtrate tap;
  4. filtrate tap;
  5. valve;
  6. hydraulic tank
AquaCon filters for industrial use

Water purification and water treatment systems are completed in a modular approach for the required performance, from small (cottages, dwelling houses, gas stations, car-wash) to large (for example, for the purification of mine waters with resulting drinking water and minerals).

IBN-ND Group supplies water purification systems based on ceramic membrane tubes, allowing 100% disposal of radionuclides, viruses, germs; 95-99% or more - total iron, phenols and other organic impurities; 90-95% - heavy metal salts. Purified water has high organoleptic properties, source mineral balance preserved, without harmful organic impurities, bacteria, heavy metals.

Due to the technology used, our systems are compact, can be mobile, or fully mobile.

Our system allows to completely eliminate the discharge of wastewater, reduce the ecosystem load, and organize the selection of high-value components and return them into production.


  • Low cost
  • Low power consumption
  • Warranty life of filter is 5 years
  • High-quality purification
  • The possibility to select the filter element in a wide range of pore sizes
  • The possibility to clean and sterilize membranes by air blowing or backflow wash
  • Easy to install, transport, store and operate
  • The elements are not affected by hydrolysis, radiation, high temperature, chemical and biological degradation
  • All elements are single-channel, tubular, with a membrane outside
  • Operation of all membrane surface elements is held in the same condition
  • Crossflow filtration with optimum hydrodynamic modes
  • High separating capacity and selectivity
  • Low operating pressure range and high permeability
  • High temperature and chemically active media stability.
  • Mechanical stability, including the exposure to abrasive particles
  • High maintainability


Depending on the properties of the filtered liquid (substance), purity and other initial conditions, the flow chart is created, providing the predetermined purity and required performance in the output.

Упрощенная схема КМА для промышленного применения

IBN-ND Group offers a new development in the field of desalination of sea water, based on desalination module manufactured by AquaLife company, with a capacity of 30 m3/day.

Energy consumption is not more than 3 kWh/m3.

Cost of 1 m3 of water is not more than $0.5.

Desalination modules are mounted on site for a few hours, and do not require special qualification for staff.

Desalination modules can be locally used in settlements, hotels, holiday centers located on the beach, at which it is difficult to mount the pipelines for fresh water supply.


Desalination modules can be used for bunkering of drinking water for ships both at a port and in the roads.

Our desalination modules are successfully operated in many countries, such as Yemen, Spain, Colombia, France, Japan, Portugal, Italy, Egypt, etc.

Complete solutions with preliminary ultrafiltration based on AquaLife desalination modules

30M-1- DB8SW030

Mobile desalination plant having a capacity of 30 m3/day.


Desalination plant placed in the 20-foot container, having a capacity of 120 m3/day.


Desalination plant placed in the 40-foot container, having a capacity of 500 m3/day.


Desalination plant placed in two 40-foot containers, having a capacity of 1000 m3/day.